Bauer & Associates

Creativity and Technology Consultants


Recent projects:

  • Various activities for André Heller.
  • Art Direction for the Tag der Deutschen Einheit (Day of the German Unity) of the Bundespresseamt of the German Federal Government.
  • A non disclosed project for Red Bull.
  • Several projects in discussion in the Emirates.

Some former projects:


Al Noor Island Development, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sonnenpark / Solar Park

Football Globe Germany – 2006 FIFA World Cup™

Bertelsmann Management Meeting 2010

Bertelsmann Management Meeting 2012

Emobility Forum Vienna

Streetlife Festival 2014, Vienna, Austria

Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Fussball Globus – FIFA Fussball WM 2006™

The Earth-Goddess

Heroes of Peace

Sharjah Observatory

Past projects and success stories:

  • 2014: Concept, planning and preparation for the “Streetlife Festival 2014” for the City of Vienna: Advert / art work,teaser, pictures of the event and video.
  • 2014: Cyprus Mail published a shortened version of my article on the Cypriot energy situation. See the full version here.
  • 2013: Second year guest lecture series at the Technical University of Applied Sciences, the Institute for Urban Renewable Energies, held in October 2013.
  • 2013: Capacity of the Sonnenpark powerplant group extended from 1,14 MWp to 1,64 MWp.
  • 2013: Finalisation of Europe’s largest Cloudcomputing project – supported as a Reviewer and Advisor for the European Commission.
  • 2013: Scouting with a team of 6 persons in a streetlife project for the City of Vienna.
  • 2013: Speech at TEDx Klagenfurt “Towards a New Paradigm in Power Plant Construction”. Video plus an Interview from the event.
  • 2013: Support to the Vienna Masters 2013 at Rathausplatz – see photos.
  • 2013: Art Direction for a Red Bull event in Salzburg.
  • 2013: Consulting for the European Commission in the domain of “Future Internet”.
  • 2012: Guest lecture series at the Technical University of Applied Sciences, the Institute for Urban Renewable Energies.
  • 2012: Speech at the TEDx Salzburg on “Energy for Everyone”.
  • 2012: Guest lecture series at the Technical University of Applied Sciences, the Institute for Urban Renewable Energies.
  • 2012: Art Direction for the “Bertelsmann Management Meeting 2012”, one of the most important events for Europe’s largest media group, in Gütersloh – see stage stills and the technical equipment.
  • 2012: Participation in a very selective tendering for the “Sightseeing Levels Project”, the design of levels 118 and 119 of the Shanghai Tower, the worlds second tallest building – currently in constrution.
  • 2011: Coordinator for the Emobility Forum Vienna 2011 for the Austrian Mobile Power Association.
  • 2011: Completion of the “Solarworlds Concept” for the Danish VKR/VELUX fund.
  • 2011: Completion of the “Sonnenpark” solar power plant – see some pictures, a video and the related paper.
  • 2010: Start of the planning for the solar powerplant and themed environment “Sonnenpark” with space use, master plan design and creative issues.
  • 2010: Creative support and production of parts of the Bertelsmann Management Meeting as part of the 175 year anniversary of Bertelsmann AG – see some pictures.
  • 2007: Project management for planning and building the extension of Crystal Worlds for Swarovski. The reopening in November 2007 successfully resulted in a substantial increase of visitors and sales – of the already highly popular Tyrolean attraction.
  • 2006: Poetry-Automat project, based on an idea by Hans Magnus Enzensberger: 850.000 poems were generated and distributed in just 8 weeks of operation and repeatedly featured on prime time German TV.
  • 2005-2006: Planning, construction and tour management for the Football Globe Germany – 2006 FIFA World Cup™: 620.000 visitors, 1.8 million website hits, 12.100 recorded dances (video-clips) in 89 exhibition days in Japan, France, Italy and Switzerland.
  • 2003-2006: Fussball Globus – FIFA WM 2006™: Over 1.000.000 spectators during visits to the 12 World Cup Host Cities in 3 years and 5.000 km of travel.
  • 2000: Project management for the successful final presentation for the German bid for the 2006 FIFA World Cup.