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2. Notwithstanding paragraph 18, paragraph 2, and paragraph 18, paragraph 3, point b), the lessor may notify the tenant that the tenancy agreement is terminated and that the tenant must evacuate the premises with immediate effect when a tenant renders a dwelling house uninhabitable or does not act by an act committed by a tenant. 21. (1) Notwithstanding paragraph 18, paragraph 1, paragraph 3, paragraph a), if a lessor violates the legal condition 1 in paragraph 10, paragraph 1, paragraph 1, the tenant may notify the lessor that the tenancy agreement is terminated and that the tenant intends to evacuate the dwellings with immediate effect. (c) the date of the last day of a tenancy period at which the lease ends and the tenant intends to evacuate the dwellings or the date on which the tenant must evacuate the dwellings; and (6) When a lessor terminates the lease or refuses to renew the tenancy agreement in accordance with paragraph 3, the tenant may terminate the tenancy agreement with a period of at least 10 days earlier. Your lease is the basis of the contractual relationship between you and the owner. Whether orally or in writing, the agreement is a legally binding contract between the two parties. 13. When a residential building is leased on a temporary basis, a residential building rental agreement provides for the payment of rent in identical monthly increments, whether or not the total amount of rent payable for the term is indicated.

7. When an owner stores personal property on apartment buildings covered in subsection 1, the storage costs for the subsection (6) are the lowest standard rate calculated by public storage facilities or the rental price of residential buildings. leases in the more expensive private housing sector have been liberalized; the tenant and landlord have more freedom to balance rent with the services provided. The rental value of the property is not based on a points system and there is no maximum rent. Under such an agreement, only self-contained housing can be rented. Living that is not closed to itself (for example.B. a room in a house), can not. (i) “rental period,” the weekly or monthly interval during which rent is paid under a tenancy agreement; (3) If the tenant gives a lessor in accordance with paragraph 1 or if the lessor gives a tenant the termination of a tenancy agreement in accordance with letter 2, termination 15 is heard. 1. If a tenant does not pay rent for a tenancy period within the time specified in the tenancy agreement, the landlord may charge the tenant a late tax set by the Minister, up to the amount set by the Minister. 7.

If a landlord tells a tenant that the tenancy agreement is terminated in accordance with paragraph 2 or paragraph 3, point b), the termination period applicable to paragraph 1 or paragraph 3, point a), continues to apply to the tenant.


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