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Seattle City Light Collective Bargaining Agreement

Until 2018, the Seattle judge said the department agreed, but warned that “if collective bargaining results in changes to the liability order, that the court finds inconsistent with the approval decree that the city`s progress… they will be threatened. According to the Kentucky police statement and the Louisville police contract, an officer cannot be disciplined “for no fair reason,” said Annale Taylor, the city`s deputy general counsel, who is not related to Breonna Taylor. “A considerable number of these agreements limit the interrogation of officers after alleged misconduct, mandate the destruction of disciplinary records, prohibit civilian control, prevent anonymous civil complaints, compensate officials for civil prosecutions and limit the duration of internal investigations,” he said. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan said the city was a national model for police review. But community members felt cheated after privately negotiating a contract with the union that violated the accountability measure and the approval decree. The Works Council, which together represents more than 100,000 workers in King County, generally engages in work purposes and supports political candidates. His vote on the expulsion of the police union symbolizes the pace and impact of protests against police brutality in Seattle and across the country since George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police on May 25. The Police Review Act in Congress contains a section that would reduce federal funding for a law enforcement service that “takes or renews any contractual agreement, including a collective agreement with a labor organization, that is in conflict with all conditions in an order of approval.” “In an ideal world, police unions would say, “We should negotiate for the common good and reconcile our interests with the interests of the community,”” Garden said. I think there is a way that would be in the interest of the police unions. Treaty provisions also require agencies to destroy disciplinary records. A Chicago officer went unnoticed for years thanks to the department`s collective agreement. The problem is more than the overwork of the unions, he said.

“This is an accusation by the city for granting these concessions. Police unions have only the power that politicians give them,” he said. The main advantage of membership in the Council is the public representation of interests. The city and the police union were due to begin negotiations in April for a new contract, but talks have not yet begun. In 2011, a federal judge found that the Seattle Police Department had engaged in a model of excessive force. The following year, the City entered into a transaction agreement or approval decree and adopted an accountability measure for additional oversight. Your PROTEC17 negotiating team met on the evening of November 20 at the Trade Union Office to count votes on the preliminary agreements we recently reached with the City of Seattle – both on master`s and municipal court contracts – and both were overwhelmingly adopted by members. “Seattle`s story is a microcosm of what`s happening elsewhere in the country,” Rushin told The Associated Press. “It highlights this conflict between major reform efforts and the extent to which workplace health and safety can make things really change.” The vote will take place two weeks after the adoption of a Council resolution calling on the SPOG to recognize and combat racism within its ranks and prosecutions in general and to commit to collective agreements that do not escape responsibility.


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