A) Short Introduction:

Christian Bauer is an ICT specialist with a focus on VR/XR technologies, Future Internet, Future Emerging Technologies and digital Social Networks, as well as he is a leading member in Europe’s Creative Industries having worked for many leading brands as a Creative Consultant.

Christian Bauer was a pioneer in 3D Online Communities, Virtual Reality and Web3D/VRML technologies and conducted the first ever 3D Online Communityin 1993 at the “Virtual Reality Vienna ‘93” conference. Christian Bauer is a book author and cooperated with many known organizations in this domain, like the NASA Ames Research Center (Intelligent Mechanisms Group), the Harvard University (Graduate School of Design), the Media Lab (MIT), the German Aerospace Establishment (DLR), several Fraunhofer Institutes and with companys like Silicon Graphics, Cosmo Software, Sense8, IBM Germany, the Ars Electronica Center and others.

Christian Bauer was 10 years (1996-2005) a member of Siggraph’s International Committee (New Orleans, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Antonio, San Diego and Los Angeles), the world’s largest event on Computer Graphics and he was Chair of VRML’99, Co-Chair of VRML’98 both ACM-sponsored conferences, Co-Organizer of the Virtual Reality World ’95 (Stuttgart), Initiator of the Virtual Reality Vienna ’93 (Vienna) and others. Christian Bauer is a cofounder and cooperating with the World Summit Award, an initiative within the framework of the United Nation’s World Summit on the Information Society.

Christian Bauer was from 1998 to 2002 an assistant professor at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, the Institute for Urban Design and Regional Planning, constructing virtual cities and teaching new media techniques. He had teaching assignments from 2003 till 2006 at the Institute of Experimental Architecture and 2012 at the University of Applied Sciences in Vienna at the Institute for Renewable Energy among others.

Over the years Christian Bauer was leading also several Creative Agencies combining arts and culture with technology, working for organisations like Red Bull, Swarovski, Bertelsmann, Daimler, Porsche, IKEA, VELUX, the City of Vienna, the Federal Government of Germany, the Government of Bhutan, and others. Results was the realisation of the highly successful Swarovski Crystal Worlds (http://kristallwelten.com), the House of Music in Vienna (http://hausdermusik.com), Al Noor Island (http://alnoorisland.ae) in the United Arab Emirates and other large cultural and arts projects sometimes with budgets beyond  EUR 10 million. Christian Bauer was also one of the leaders in the creative domain by cowriting the Impulsprogramm, the first federal initiative to support creative industries in Austria in 2003, later renamed to Creative Austria.

Christian Bauer works since 1996 as an expert, evaluator and reviewer for the European Commission (Framework Programmes 4-7 till Horizon 2020) with a focus on „Future Internet“ and „Future Emerging Technologies“ and has completed jobs in Brussels, Luxembourg, London, Glasgow, Paris, Angouleme and other places. Christian Bauer is holding a „Recognition of Service Award“ from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) located in New York.

Christian Bauer’s work was always very international. He has traveled 57 countries and has worked project related in 45 countries (as of 2022).

B) Recent projects:

  • Business Development for „Planet Live“, an Environmental Informationssystem.
  • Development of an Electro-Mobility Center in Austria.
  • Projects in discussion in the United Arab Emirates. One is implementing domes over buildings, creating artificial climate for the inhabitants.
  • Various activities for André Heller.