Bauer & Associates are transforming ideas into projects: That can be technological inventions (e.g. as developers and inventors), creative ideas (e.g. like our project management for the Final Bidding Germany’s for FIFA World Cup 2006) and most recently, working with art pieces that have previously gone unrecognized in their field, turing them into very profitable assets.

We are offering the following services:

  1. Creative Consulting: We are solving your problems. Profit from over 30 years of professional inspiration, innovation, project management and fresh new perspectives. We have worked for known brands as well as governments.
  2. Project Management: For large, complex and international projects, maybe on tour. Our projects mostly combine creative aspects and technology and we have extensive experience in touring projects, having visited most leading and large cities professionally as location scout. We did projects in 45 countries so far.
  3. Art Sales Support: We have specialized in art pieces (mostly paintings) that have previously gone unrecognized in their field, and try to turn them into very profitable assets. We establish a lobbying process in which we research everything around the art piece, establish a website, make Wikipedia entries, have experts make expertise on the artwork and finally make the connection to auction houses. A central tool in this process is the validation of the art piece by AI methods. Our AI methods deliver statistical data, not influenced by human opinion, which allows us to discover unrecognized art works and validate them. We are currently working on an Raphael project as well as on other known masters and are just now developing a tool for validating Stradivaris.
  4. Art Direction: Present your company or your products in the most favorable way. At events and in combination with projects that communicate – from state-of-the-art media use until old school practice with large brochures bound with quality materials.
  5. Juror and Mentor: Christian Bauer is a longtime juror, evaluator and reviewer for organizations like the European Commission (for over 25 years) in Internet- and Future Technologies Questions, the United Nation’s related World Summit Award and European Youth Award (Salzburg – Digital Innovation to Improve Society), events for ACM (Association of Computing Machinery, New York), the Solar Impulse Foundation (Lausanne), the Social Impact Award in Austria and Germany (Social Entrepreneurship) and (Social Innovation).

Most of what we do requires trust: Trust into our abilities and loyality. For this reason many of our projects cannot be shown here. We are often discreet problem solvers.

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